Our Story


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Noussi Foods Journey begins with Maman Noussi.
Maman Noussi was a vital person and mother figure in my life.
She taught me many of the delicious dishes I know today. She loved to cook, create homemade drinks and sauces and make you feel at home with her finger-licking foods. It was really her unique way of spreading love. She had dreamed to open an African restaurant where people could come and enjoy her Cameroonian homemade meals, juices, teas (and more).

When she passed away in 2019, I promised myself to keep Maman Noussi's legacy alive through some of those recipes; thus, Noussi Foods was created. Noussi foods is a brand that produce multi-purpose Hot Sauces.
The goal is to make Noussi Foods a household brand that encompass different food products.
Noussi Foods is a small family business where everyone in the family has an assigned role. Our 2 oldest daughters are our assistants, and our 2 little boys are our motivators. 


My name is Desta; I'm a mother of 4 kids, a wife and a Nurse Practitioner. 
 Growing up in Cameroon (Africa), spices and herbs were a big part of our daily consumption.

My Aunts and Grandmother will always cook with fresh spices/herbs. Cooking traditional African foods was a must in the house. My cousins and I will often gather around the kitchen table to assist in the preparation of the meals. The meals would take forever to make as everything was done from scratch with local ingredients. When we would get any ailments, the women in the house knew exactly what we should drink or eat.

Today, I embrace cooking for my family and friends. I enjoy making those traditional meals; I take pride into cooking my meals from scratch with spices I grew up with. There is a sense of nostalgia when I'm in the kitchen preparing those Cameroonian dishes.

My kids have never been to Cameroon, but they do appreciate and love those local meals. I am so thankful that in a way, I am able to share with them a part of my childhood.

I created Noussi Foods all-purpose hot sauces, to not only keep Maman Noussi's legacy alive but also to share with Y'all a small piece of my childhood.

Welcome to our table and ENJOY!