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Noussi Foods

Southern Hospitality

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Southern Hospitality is packed with ginger flavor and habanero with a kick of Serrano peppers. This sauce is our hottest. It can be used with any meals of choice. It can be a rub, a marinade for any meats, poultry or fish. It's delicious with any pasta/spaghetti or rice dishes. Mix our Southern Hospitality hot sauce with some rice vinegar, soy sauce, a bit of honey (optional) and you have yourself the best dipping sauce for your dumplings, sushi and even a salad!


Onion, Bell pepper, Serrano pepper, Water, Scallion, Rice vinegar, Olive Oil, Ginger, Black pepper, Aromatic spices, Basil, Garlic, Himalayan pink salt, Habanero pepper. 



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